My Car Accident…

How can I make this story short…

I was taking out the trash, early Tues. morning when out of nowhere my roomates started arguing. I chased them to the car and begged them not to leave. They said GET OUT OF THE WAY. I said WHY, U GONNA HIT ME?

They gunned their engines and I started to move out the way. They hit me directly in the leg anyways. I screamingly asked them to stop and help me. They didn’t. They hit and ran away from the scene.

My leg is now destroyed and I am on a lot of medications because of it. They WILL be involved in a major lawsuit.

Now I don’t know if I will ever walk correctly again. I hope the Nissan that hit me and its passengers get their just desserts.

There, now everyone knows what happened to me.

Don’ t feel sorry for me…please.