NFL: It’s Time To Choose a Side.

There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said on the Cam Newton situation.

In case you haven’t been listening to the radio, or watch football on TV, because you live in a remodified bunker in North Dakota, the reigning MVP in the NFL got the snot beat out of him in the season opener.

Denver did it’s best to put Newton in a nursing home. They really went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the young QB has to piss in a bag for the rest of his life.

At some point it went beyond this game, beyond the sport, and just turned into a gang of ignorant bullies, tired of getting mocked for the entire 1st half of a reasonable game, agreeing to take the dirtiest shot possible. Watch the tape. The entire world is watching Denver, and I’m pretty sure somebody is gonna pay up.

Wasn’t the NFL gonna clean this game up? Less concussions right? I mean 0 concussions would be best but as long as it’s from a clean hit, it’s just the nature of the beast. Especially on offensive players, we want the league to score more points, safely that is. QBs? That’s the most important position, the main draw, the player even casual fans know. QB goes down and suddenly Case Keenum and Shaun Hill are throwing the ball.

No offense.

So all of the momentum leading up to this game, this whole offseason, basically the evolution of the sport itself has been pushing the game towards an offense heavy, pass first, protect your star players from unnecessary injury-direction. Then this game happens and everyone is scrambling for answers.

Again, watch the tape. On at least 4 occasions, with some people going as high as 8, somebody gets after the Panthers QB and isn’t looking for a sack. They aren’t trying to cause a fumble, or drag him to to the turf. You can tell this because their hands are at their sides, feet are off the ground, and chin and helmet is firmly squared up.

Like a guided missile after an Afghan village. Or Jared after a small boy holding a tasty sub. Lol. In both scenarios somebody is getting messed up for sure.

The NFL needs to make their minds up and just abide by their decision. Just because the guy looks like a gigantic  bronze statue doesn’t mean  the rules don’t apply.

And I’m just gonna say what’s on my mind that everyone is thinking but won’t say and are waiting for me to say first before they dive in. What would we be saying if this was Tom Brady getting his filings knocked out instead?

Everybody’s ruggedly good looking,(supposedly), perfect for Amityville QB having head hunters chasing him down? It would literally look like the final seconds of a Super Bowl on the field, what with all the yellow flags flying all over the place. Or a pinata getting smashed open. Denver would be penalized into the end zone. Or at least an exponential curve approaching the 0 yard line. (You get that last one right? Keep halving the distance to the goal and you get close but never cross… blah blah.)

Like a lot of grizzled old football fans, I’m personally indifferent on the matter of changing physical, smashmouth, oldschool football. I’d much rather see a 11-10 final score and a bunch of toothless monsters trying to gobble up anyone near them.

That’s 1 TD/1 FG, vs 1 TD with missed extra point, a safety and a FG. Plus a lot of huge hits, a few fumbles, a few INTs, and one of those TDs ABSOLUTELY has to be a pick-6. Oh and 8 injuries, none of which involved concussions. That would just about sum up my perfect game worth of action.

If you really, really like offense and people playing catch, go check out an Arena football game. If you don’t know what that is, it’s like the NFL but with a smaller ball, padded boundary walls and it’s only 50 yards from the end zones. They routinely score 50-60 points a game, and that’s per side! Sure you get a lot of scoring but just like the other kind of scoring, after a while you just become jaded and watch Netflix in the background on low volume.

Either way, just make up your mind and stick with it, suits in the NFL offices in taking to you. If your really intent on going the way of Arena football, fine, just don’t waiver and waffle in the wake of a botched job on national TV. I’m calling BS on the shenanigans surrounding the missed or blatantly ignored penalties that should have resulted in a fairly lopsided win by Carolina.

Michael W.,


☆☆PS: Oh and for all the Denver fans out there trying to point out that this was all in the gameplan, yes, certainly it worked. Denver came back and made it a close game, which they only barely won because Gano barely missed his own game winning FG. That’s not much of a plan though. Nobody who is playing through a sea of bounty hunters trying to scalp him on every play is going to make many plays down the stretch. Not Cam, or Tom, or Peyton or anyone else. In fact, if the NFL continues allowing launched serial helmet to helmet contact on star QBs, this sport is going to devolve into just a bunch of brutes bashing each other in. Which is fine by me.☆☆