Federick vs Roddick: Instant ESPN classic

The score is now Roddick 11, Federer 11. IN THE FINAL SET!

You have got to be kidding me.

This is the longest fifth set in Wimbledon history. Every single game has been played close, with both players having won two sets. To my friend and favorite tennis player, my hat goes off to you.

Even if you don’t bring home the trophy at Centre Court, this performance will only solidify my never-wavering faith in you.

Luck and fate are on your side. I’ll even make a surprising prediction:

What it comes down to is a classic battle of attrition. As soon as Roddick breaks it open by breaking

As long as he can break ONE of Federer’s serve points, Andy Roddick will take home the Venus trophy.

-Mikey, Wong_83@hotmail.com

PS: One break is all it will take for Roddick to go home with the title.