Howard County, MD: Animal Police… Above the Law?

I don’t know about you…but personally I have had not a single good dealing with the Howard County animal police.

These completely self-serving bastards are fully content in the knowledge that they can abuse and flaunt there powers-even above the law-to justify their every actions.

I’m here to you today to BEG and PLEAD for some sort of justice; Anything that will bring these mockeries of the american justice-system to light.

Put in a nutshell, I don’t see why my dog and my family have to suffer through the endless hounding and predation these so-called harbringers of “justice” attempt to force upon my household and my beloved puppy.

Yes, I have watched the Animal Cops television-show, even the ones involving cities other than mine, such as Houston, San Francisco, Dallas, Baltimore and even Michigan.

If you have ever seen even one episode of this series, one full episode, you probably came to a similar conclusion to the duties and responsibilites of this “Enforcement-Agency.”

The things I have seen are sometimes so atrocious that certain images have to be blurred or blacked out all together, such as the dead horse(which starved from years of neglect/mal-nutrition) who died while the animal police were standing near it.

The animal was quickly surrounded by the stench of death, the release of it’s suddenly relaxed bowel muscles and a staggering number of horse-flies/green-bottle flies.

I have seen countless other animals who were completely abused, and/or never felt the comfort of human companionship for their entire lives.

Dog-fighting, refusals by the horrid owner(s) to provide even the smallest amount of sympathy and/or medical care for their run-down animals… even to the point where the animals appear to be nothing more than caricatures of their former selves.

In most of these instances, I completely agree and side with the animal police, I mean come-on! These are certainly some of the most drastic cases of animal abuse ever recorded.

Which brings me to shed some light on the majority of supposed ‘Animal-cruelty’.


In the past year and a half, the Howard County Animal Cops have shown utter disdain fo the well-being of both the animal-owners and their pets, going so far as to sneak in and check on animals(especially my 2-year old beagle named, “Cha Siu Bao”) over the slightest report that the animal is being abused.

I’m just gonna level with you, my readers and possible supporters who have ties to Howard County, MD or live close enough to care.

My two-year old male beagle lives a very happy life, being fed better than most humans do, has no known ailments -such as: fleas, worms, heart-worms, malnutrition or anything on the sort- and above all else is given weekly loving showers and brushings that IMO make him one of the healthiest Beagle specimens on the face of the planet.

So why is it that the basic job of the Animal Police supposedly is to keep pets from being abused, malnourished and/or abuse from their current owners, yet time and time again, pick on someone such as myself who have a limited income in what I believe is an attempt to seperate my fiance and I from our loved own… Cha Siu is perhaps closer to family than even some of my own flesh and blood.

I’m not that rich. I hold down two jobs and my fiance holds down one full-time job, just to make enough to survive and perhaps add just enough to our savings so that hopefully we will eventually save enough to live at least a comfortable life, years down the road.

In the past year, thanks totally to the unyielding, power-hungry Animal Police, our family has spent well over 10,000 dollars in fines/yard maintenance/labor and income loss due to the time off needed to right our affairs, in terms of appeasing the Animal police.

Not once have I been allowed to go to court to rectify the situation and even if I were allowed to proceed to court in order to deny the allegiations, it would cost me even more to hire a lawyer to condemn these power-hungry mockery of the Justice System.
So basically, the Animal Police stole my beloved Cha Siu Bao the Beagle without a search warrant, grounds for removal or even a legitimate basis for removal.

Their reasoning consisted of this. A single empty lighter-fluid container was found on the entire premises, as well as a small amount of shattered glass, in no way harmful to our beloved animal, was found after extensive searching of the grounds.

Let me remind you that there was absolutely NO search warrant involved, nor were any pictures taken of so-called evidence found on the scene.

I am sick and tired of the Animal Police harassing us at least twice a month, over nothing more than a dubiously placed lighter-fluid container which probably was placed there by someone else.

The minute amount of glass is neither sharp nor in quantites that could in any way possibly harm my most beloved animal.

And here’s the catch…The glass, which neither I nor the previous Animal Police inspector even bothered to document as evidence, is now a significant hazard to the well-being of our healthy-as-an-Ox, beagle puppy.

In this day and age, a HUMAN has the right to a fair trial to contest these allegations. Instead, I or my roomate were cited and fined over 800 dollars, told that we either pay these fines(before court hearings of course) or within 10 days our dog would be put up for adoption.
Is this just? Doesn’t this in every was devalue or basic justice system by giving the Animal Cops immunity from being held responsible for their abusive and harassing actions?!

I want, not just for myself but for all the other owners who have been treated like rubbish, some sort of recourse and justice!!!

If you live in the MD area, please let me know what can be done.

In order to get my dog back, I will have to pay these trumped-up fines without the benefit of consul, or my dog will be given away in adoption way before the court date is set in early July.

I’m BEGGING you guys. Please help me figure out a way to punish these arbitrary dealers of questionable justice… I just don’t seem it’s fair that even with legal consul, I will lose my dog withn the next week…. unless I pay the 800 dollar fine they just decided I needed to pay.
If you have any words of wisdom or advice on what to do next, PLEASE don’t hesitate to respond. I really could use some advice on how to bring these corrupt and self-righteous enforcers of animal law… TO JUSTICE!


Whale Wars might possibly be my new favorite show!

Has anyone else seen Whale Wars yet?

If you haven’t yet, there are a couple of ways you can watch this crazy new show on Animal Planet.

1. You can download the series illegally, like a number of people I know like to do, off a torrent-server, off a number of clip-websites, etc. etc.

2. You can watch it when new episodes come out, I’m not exactly sure when that is but I think it’s Fridays at 9PM EST. It’s kind of an iffy time-slot since I’m sure most of you probably have better things to do on a friday night…

3. You can do what I do and just wait until the new episodes come out on their On-Demand selections. I find that typically, new series episodes come out anywhere from a week to a month after their original airing. Since Animal Planet works hand in hand with the Discovery and National Geographic , they even offer the series in HD!!!

I mean seriously, even if you don’t give a damn about whether or not Whales are killed in the Antarctic Southern Whale Sanctuary, this show at the very minimum offers some of the most breathtaking HD scenery and landscapes in the entire world.

In just a few episodes, you see a number of different creatures, from whales to seals, penguins and even sea turtles. The icebergs and glaciers are amazing in both size and brilliant coloring.

Now the basic premise of this series, from what I can gather, is basically the recently renamed marine ship, the MV Steve Irwin, is basically run by the controversial conservation group, Sea Shepherd.

Some quick reading and scanning through some of the web-content available, including the Sea Shepherd-website, enlightened me to their cause.

To make a long story short, one of the co-founding members of the famous conservation group Greenpeace, was kicked out for being just a little bit dangerous and direct in how he approached his goals.

His name is “Captain” Paul Watson. He’s a Canadian(…), he’s big and chubby and just a few steps away from jumping off the iceberg. He values marine life as much as he values any human life, including his own. Or at least that’s what he claims.

Sea Shepherd’s direct goals include stopping the poaching of whales, the exploitation of seal products by the Canadian government, the exploitation of the Galapagos islands by sharkfin-hunters and a number of other causes that involve the ‘murder’ of marine life.

Now personally I don’t care if animals die. I know that as part of the natural cycle of life, animals will need to die in order for humans to continue to live.

As Anthony Bourdain often says, ‘I could never be a Vegan, I love eating meat too much.’

I think that in all honesty, going Vegan and abhorring all killing of animals is just way too far on the opposite side of the moon.

Now people are going to read this the wrong way and think that I hate ALL animals and cheer everytime one of the bloodthirsty butchers slaughters another creature. This is not true. I just enjoy the taste of meat.

But we’re getting off subject. This series, Whale Wars, is basically a televised on-going documentary about the battles going on near Antarctica between Japanese commercial whalers, who claim they are just killing whales for “research”  and the Sea Shephard vessel MW Steve Irwin.

I turned on the first episode out of curiosity a few days ago. I saw one of their commercials, which have been aired all over a number of different channels, in which a directable harpoon is pointed around a ship’s deck until it finally spots a whale in the distance.

It then proceeds to aim and fire, blasting the harpoon through the air, the sea and finally watching as it punches through the side of the marine mammal. At this point, you don’t see blood and guts, you see one of the letters to the words ‘Whale Wars’.

Pretty good huh? I definitely thought so. It got my attention pretty quickly.

So what is so amazing about this show? It’s exciting, it’s refreshing and it taps into humanity’s basic need for visceral, tangible images. From the very first episode, Watson and his crew tell the world they are basically willing to do WHATEVER to save the whales from the Japanese.

On a related matter, look. I’ll level with you I’m of Asian-American descent. I have traveled to good bit of the asian world. I live in a Chinese household where crazy crazy food like chicken feet and pig intestines, as well as sharkfin soup is normal.

I know and you know that the Japanese ain’t killing these damn whales for any research or development. They were banned from killing whales by the International Whaling Commision in 1986 and since then they started to do research?

Please. You might be able to lie to some of the less educated inhabitants of your tiny little islands but you certainly aren’t going to fool anyone into thinking you need to kill, not collect tissue or blood samples but kill, over ONE THOUSAND whales EVERY year just in the name of science?

I mean come on! This is ridiculous. Somehow, since they aren’t legally allowed to ‘waste’ any of the animal, they get to sell every part of the animal, minus anything they take for their bullshit research, to the fish markets and private vendors.

For anywhere from 250,000 dollars to over a MILLION dollars! EACH!!!

Out of a sense of fairness, before I go more into the Whale War series, let’s take this moment to go over the statistics.

1. Whales allowed for ‘research’ each year: 950 minke whales, 50 fin whales

2. Average value per whale: $250,000 – $1,250,000

3.  Minimum size and weight of adult whales: Minke (23 ft, 11000 lbs)

Fin (60 ft, 150,000 lbs)

4. Estimated minimum value of total catch:  285,000,000 + 45,000,000 = $330,000,000.00 (@ 300k x 950 + 900k x 50)

I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with any tissue or blood samples before but either way, do you really need 950 x 11000 lbs worth of Minke whale-meat and viscera and 50 x 150,000 lbs worth of Fin whale-meat and viscera? That’s over 17 MILLION POUNDS of whale…FOR RESEARCH?!

I have seen articles in the news and Japanese food blogs that all claim that the government and other powerful entities in Japan are all trying to influence the masses into enjoying food made from whale-meat that ranges from “hamburgers” to fried meat on sticks to whale sushi/tataki.

In what way does that show the government is only interested in culling these animals in the name of science and are just selling the “excess” in order to not waste any parts of the animal?

I really don’t know. Maybe people are just plain stupid and/or just don’t care that the Japanese people are once again lying through their teeth while they find their way out through another loophole.

Anyways, let’s get back to the main subject.

So because of this so-called ‘slaughtering of intelligent marine mammals,’ the MV Steve Irwin uses a variety of different tactics throughout the series to bombarb, harass and even board the Japanese vessels.

In the past, he has even used his ‘observer’ boats to CRASH into enemy ships!!! Are you kidding me? That is exciting and amazing to the fullest extent. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like large ships smashing into each other like marine bumper-cars???

Even though they say they don’t condone violence of any sort, I think this is more a plan to gain public sympathy and support then anything else. They fly a pirate flag that happens to show a human skull, a shepherd’s staff and a TRIDENT. I think the trident speaks for itself when dealing with a ‘violent’ approach.

In my personal view ‘Captain’ Paul Watson, the head of the entire Sea Shepherd organization, is crazy, talented and very devoted to his cause. Even if the ends don’t always justify the means, it’s people like him that can change the world. Bless his pirate soul.

So if you haven’t seen the show Whale Wars yet, do so whenever you get the chance. I may like the taste of certain animals but anything that can be done to stop the Japanese from parading the words ‘RESEARCH’ and ‘SCIENCE’ while they kill thousands of whales is good enough for me.

Regardless of your standing on whether it’s cruel or not to kill sentient animals, it certainly isn’t right that the Japanese whalers believe they can do whatever they want, including killing thousands of endangered creatures right in the middle of a MARINE SANCTUARY.

If there was anything I could do to help besides write this blog of support, I would. Well…not anything. But a lot. I might even crash a ship into a poaching vessel to save some seals or whales.