A little bit about the writer (Myself!)

Why Hello! I’m Michael. My friends and enemies know me as Mikey, or Asshole, etc.

Welcome to my personal blog/webpage. This is not a place where you’ll get cold, hard facts, as much as I attempt to be ambivalent with my writings. I’m highly opinionated, and I write when the mood strikes me, which comes in spurts, then stops, then starts again.

Some of my passions include my wife and daughter(s), including teaching methods, child psychology, positive vs. negative reinforcement, and the ideology of “Tough Love.” Not that I agree with much of it. I also enjoy writing biased articles on my favorite sports teams, such as: The Glorious Defending World Champion Baltimore Ravens, The Indomitable Defending World Champion Miami Heat, any team that includes Jeremy Lin (currently the Houston Rockets), The Washington Wizards and Capitols on occasion, The Barcelona Soccer (Futbol) Club, The Baltimore Blast, any football team that includes Peyton Manning and Michael Vick, except when either team is playing the Baltimore Ravens, as they did last season.

I mainly work as Head Bartender at the Red Parrot Asian Bistro, a family-owned restaurant chain with multiple locations in Baltimore, MD, Arlington, VA, and Hanover, MD. We hope to have our 4th location in Turf Valley near the end of 2013. I love thinking up new drink recipes, and tweaking old drink recipes with fresh ingredients and updated liquors.

Only a few things go into making all cocktails; Simple syrup made from good granulated sugar, fresh fruit juices, liquor and flavoring agents. When I say flavoring agents, I mean things such as cordials (example: Triple Sec, Chambord, Disaronno, Bitters, Vermouth, etc.), Spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, mint), Confections (chocolate, nutmeg, raspberry, lemon syrup), or anything else you can think of to enhance or change the flavor of the drink. When you consider the short checklist of ingredients involved, the easiest way to make a delicious & exciting beverage is to NOT FUCK IT UP. Keep it simple. Use good ingredients, premium liquor/sake/alcohol. Don’t use anything that has past it’s expiration date, and make sure to inventory your fresh fruit. It goes a lot quicker than you think.

Oh and don’t forget to use and combine strange ingredients in various combinations. What you might think sounds disgusting at first may actually be life-changing, refreshing, vibrant and new. Your customers will appreciate your innovation, and you will appreciate how much it changes a normally boring routine.

I also have started taking classes and reading extensively on different outdated forms of jewelry creation. I use whatever free-time I get to tinker and experiment with different metals, using various fabrication techniques to form strange & wonderful creations. I especially love ancient Chinese and Japanese metalworking skills, such as engraving and precious metal inlay, skills used traditionally to create both jewelry and weapons.

When and how did we go wrong? I have nothing but admiration for commercial manufactured goods. That ability to create many nearly-exact duplicates of just about anything is the reason why we are able to buy things for a reasonable price, why we have such amazing technology, and why we can depend on large-scale items like bridges and skyscrapers. Without mass-production, we could never know exactly where the flaws in such structures would be. This is not the case when considering what ceramics, jewelry, even cut stones to buy. Even if no two pieces will ever be exactly alike, mankind should celebrate the originality of each piece, to realize that nothing will ever be the same as the one they give to their wife. That engagement/wedding ring should be the most important purchase of your life, not something you casually select off Amazon.com or in a retail store like Zales.

That’s what I think.

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