Oh how great it is to have torrents such as Limewire, etc.

11:43PM, currently a lazy day off.

I am currently enjoying watching a series called Monsterquest, originally aired by the History Channel for god only knows what reason.

Either way, I enjoy this show for a number of reasons.

1. This show rules. It’s basically all the same story. Some monsters are reported across the globe, -supposed- experts show up with all this scientific equipment and supposedly find various amounts of questionable evidence. NO monster.

2. Hillbillies, Rednecks and Backwater country folk alike, usually doing their best imitation of a normal, intelligent, non-alcoholic human being testify to how they saw some apparent apparition, typically a sasquatch-like creature, while not being completed shit-face drunk off: a) moonshine, b) rikaloff vodka, c) whatever else they can find that costs under 10 bucks… ie: a 40oz bottle of Hurricane/Wildcat malt liquor.

3. Footprints and hair/feces. This is what they find. Always, always, always. Did I mention feces? It’s deep within the human psyche to laugh whenever feces or something associated with feces is involved. End result?

The feces belongs to a known species, the hair is that of one of the supposed ‘monster’ experts and the footprints can range from being bear tracks, being a hoax or just plain -inconclusive-

Is it just me or should I watch this next episode?

I am shivering with anticipation at what this week’s -ending- will be.

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